You are a KNIGHT of VOID in the land of SPARKLES and ABYSS. Your specibus is FANDOMKIND. Your consorts are SPIDERS. 

You are a MAID of IRONY (omfg maid of irony MADE OF IRONY AHAHAH) in the land of DRAGONS and TENTACLES. Your specibus is FISTKIND. Your consorts are CROCODILES.

You are the GUARDIAN of SLOPPY MAKEOUTS in the land of CONTRACTS and TENTACLES.You specibus is WANDKIND. Your consorts are ZOMBIES.

You are the WITCH of VOID (ohmygodSandiit’sRina’sgodtier) in the land TYPOS of and RABBITS. Your specibus is BLADEKIND. Your consorts are FAT BIRDS.

You are a PRINCE of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in the land of DRAGONS and CHEESECAKE your specibus is NEEDLEKIND your consorts are KAWAII SHARKS.

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    I am a thief of art theft in the land of demons and pixel art. My specibus is rantkind. My consorts are kawaii sharks.
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    I am a handsome rogue of light in the land of demons and cheesecake. My specibus is pistolkind. My consort is Kyuubey.
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    You are a Witch of Proper Grammar in the Land of Hentai and Tentacles. Your specibus is Search Enginekind and your...
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    You are a Sailor Scout of Proper Grammar from the Land of Contracts and Animated Gifs. Your specibus is...
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    I am the seer of sugoiness and my consort is large-breasted anime women… This couldn’t get any more awkward…
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    The Handsome Rogue of Sloppy Make-outs in the land of Dragons and Neon. My specibus is Rantkind. My consorts are...
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